Research Paper – How to Write?

What is Research Paper?

Research paper is report that you write down to share your experiments, surveys, findings to the community.

How to Write a Research Paper?

According to [1] following is the summary:

Step 1: Main Components of A Research Paper: Standard

  • Title, Abstract, Reference List
  • IMRAD Structure Format
    • Introduction – Why?
    • Methods – When, Where, How, How Much?
    • Results – What?
    • Discussion – So What?

Step 2: Some fundamental steps in Writing:

Steps in Writing!
  1. Prepare For Writing: In this step, we shouldn’t care much about how the sentence structures looks like and other factors like spelling etc. The main idea of this step is to write down ideas by making notes, scribbling ideas so that some form of texts and images can be generated.
  2. Write: In this step, we just write. We can jump into many different sections as required. The focus should be on easier section to start with.
  3. Revise the Writing: In this step, we should focus on content first. Then comes structure an lastly the style. During this step, we shouldn’t forget what is the main purpose of the writing and thus we should be able to communicate, provide our reasoning and we should be able to provide our presentation to make clear to the readers.
  4. Editing after Revision: In this step, we need to make sure that our data is accurate and make our writing free from any grammatical errors.

Guidelines and suggestions from [1] are as belows:

  1. Title: Make title specific in order to provide information which is understandable and concise.
  2. Abstract: It should provide overall understanding of the paper and should be summarized using most important ideas of the paper.
  3. Introduction: In this section:
    • Here, we answer what our research is about. What is it trying to address? What issues or problems or questions are we trying to answer?
    • Context and background for the research should be clear.
    • What is the main research focus? Rationale for the work?
    • Write about scope and nature of our research. What are the hyposthesis? What methods , why those methods are chosen and any potential significance of the work.
  4. Methods: This section is should have information that can be reproduced by the readers themselves.
  5. Results: This section should be summary of findings.
  6. Discussion: This section includes explaination and conclusions regarding the findings.


[1] Writing a Research Report. Accessed 15 Apr. 2022.

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