Using NCI resource: GADI

Apply for it first. ssh If successful, will be provided with welcome message. Make Dir, PS1 = ‘gadi [\W] $’ screen screen -r conda init bash conda create -n ENVNAME

Research Paper – How to Write?

What is Research Paper? Research paper is report that you write down to share your experiments, surveys, findings to the community. How to Write a Research Paper? According to [1] following is the summary: Step 1: Main Components of A Research Paper: Standard Title, Abstract, Reference List IMRAD Structure Format Introduction – Why? Methods – ... Read More

Core Ranking – Conference Portal

Core Ranking DB is useful to know which publishing venues are at which ranking. It is useful to decide which venues have greater research impact. With the help of CORE Conference DB, information about different Computer Science Conferences can be achieved. One of the helpful website is which looks like below. With the help ... Read More