Kernel Methods

Solve non-linear problems. Similarity measures between two data points. Moves point to different spaces in different dimensions. eg. Support Vector Machine, K-means Clustering. Work in feature space, not in data space. Encode data into feature space. Convert non-linearity to linear model. Good Resources:

Mathematical notations and objects used in describing quantum computers.

Notes from Amplitudes – Different from classical probability since it also has direction.– Represented by Complex Number State Vectors – Vectors that describe the state of qubits Vector multiplication and addition to representing Superposition

Quantum Computing Notes

Notes from \section{Introduction}\subsection{What is Quantum Computing}\subsection{Computer} Needs instructions that should be specific and unambiguous i.e. Algorithms With a set of instructions, the computer takes input information and provides output information. \subsection{Algorithm Complexity} measure the performance of the different algorithms algorithm complexity refers to how resources used by algorithms increase with respect to the size ... Read More

Git Basic Commands

First install git: Check git version by git –version git config git ls-remote git branch git config –global –edit git ls-remote git remote -v git branch newbranch git branch -d branch git branch -D branch git branch -m branch git branch -a gitignoredirectory/*.log git reset git rm -rf –cached . git push -d ... Read More