Getting started with Javascript

What is Javascript? Programming language For website interactivity A “helloworld” example! Best Resources:

Getting started with Vue “helloworld” project.

First installation of Node JSInstall node js which is required for rendering javascript.Install from this url: Some full Instructions: Vue installation: Vue Installation: npm install -g @vue/cli or if any issues in installing try this: vue –version] % vue create hellworld After getting this message, just go to the folder helloworld and ... Read More

Using NCI resource: GADI

Apply for it first. ssh If successful, will be provided with welcome message. Make Dir, PS1 = ‘gadi [\W] $’ screen screen -r conda init bash conda create -n ENVNAME

Git and Latexdiff

Resources: [1] “Git and latexdiff: compare versions of LaTex documents,”, 2015. (accessed May 26, 2022). MikTex Console has git-latexdiff and latexdiff in packages section. Can be intalled from there. Commands ‌

Trees in Latex

Resources Links:

Hyperledger Caliper Running Hyperledger Caliper Successfully: LINK: In that link Follow NPM install here:

Best Git Resources

Managing remote repositories – GitHub Docs (2022). Available at: (Accessed: 22 April 2022).